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You can create bots reminding people to drink water or run daily stretching sessions over Zoom before lunch. These activities will help your. 16 Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers · 1. Virtual Coffee Breaks · 2. Introduce Them to Your In-House Employees · 3. Home Tours · 4. Show-and-Tell · 5. One. Virtual employee engagement ideas including work from home activities, games to play with remote teams and more. Unique and % guaranteed.

– 14 Best Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas That Actually Works


Clearly, we still have room to improve. Great question! The bottom line is engaged employees are good for your organization. It feels good to know that what you do matters to someone. If you want to boost employee engagement , show your team that you notice their hard work. Dedicate a Slack channel to praising team members for their achievements and milestones.

There are even apps that make it easy to celebrate wins with your team, such as Praisely and Kudos. For that reason, they recommend positioning every team member as a subject matter expert and connecting them with others who might need their expertise. A key part of employee engagement is making sure every team member knows their strengths and is able to use them in their work.

After having him take the F4S assessment, you discover that he is highly motivated toward a solo environment, which means he gains energy from working independently with little interference from others. You realize, then, that the open floor plan of your workspace and constant group collaboration are actually hindering his work. Based on this newfound knowledge, you can create more of a solo environment for him when he really needs to focus. To personalize their experience and show that you care, consider instituting regular one-on-ones between them and their supervisor.

One-on-ones can be held weekly, monthly, even quarterly, and give the employee an opportunity to voice any concerns in private, review their progress, or even just bond with their manager. Most importantly, one-on-ones are an ideal time to give personalized feedback to help them grow. Without this vision, they may lose drive. Career development is one of the best employee engagement activities you can offer because many are hungry for these opportunities.

This included things like a lack of advancement opportunities, a lack of growth opportunities or a return to school. That way, any time a new employee has a question, they know they can count on their partner to help them. This can contribute to a sense of belonging in your organization, as well as help them improve their desired skill sets. How often do you and your entire company get together? Each of your teams specializes in different things, but they all need to work together as a cohesive unit.

This will help them gain an appreciation for what they do. Further, job shadowing can be used as an engagement and retention tool. If an employee in, say, sales, has an interest in engineering, shadowing is an excellent chance to help them further their career and possibly move to another department without leaving your organization entirely.

One of the most exciting employee engagement activities you can grant your team is the opportunity to unleash their creative abilities on a new project. When Southwest Airlines needed a new uniform design, instead of outsourcing it, they tapped into the talent of their very own employees to get the project done. They allowed 43 team members from various departments—from Ground Ops to Technical Operations to Cargo—to work together on the new uniform.

For your organization, it might not be about a uniform; you could involve your team in brainstorming new logos, decorating the office or designing a new program brochure. Many people working from home during this pandemic feel isolated.

Why not send them some love through a care package? You can use an office snack delivery service such as WorkPerks, or package your own custom items. At one point, Buffer had a dedicated community champion who did things like send handwritten notes, stickers, and other swag to their customers purely to delight them.

I like the idea of organizations establishing an Employee Champion who specializes in employee delight. In fact, some companies do have Employee Engagement Specialists. To feel engaged, employees must feel equipped to do their best work. And yet, many companies still expect everyone to operate optimally on the same 9-to-5 schedule.

In reality, some people work best in the mornings, others in the afternoon. Some prefer to work in intense sprints, while others prefer to work in steady, longer sessions. By granting your team a flexible schedule, you can ensure maximum productivity and engagement. You can ask a member of your team who knows yoga or pilates to lead a class, or even hire an online fitness instructor.

For example, you could record a second video from each of their teammates and combine the clips into a virtual birthday card of sorts. Show your appreciation for another year of loyalty to your company by rewarding employees on their work anniversaries. Social media is useful or keeping in touch with friends, but what about coworkers? Online travel platform Agoda used Workplace by Facebook to stay connected as a team, even replacing its email updates with this enterprise social network. Alternatively, if you use a communication tool like Slack, you could create channels based on specific interests where teammates can share fun memes, GIFs, and other updates that are just for fun.

As we saw earlier, purpose is essential to employee engagement. During an AMA, people can submit any question they want about a certain topic and one person will answer. Bonusly, an employee recognition platform, uses AMAs to keep their team engaged while working remotely.

Are you aware of the hidden talent in your midst? You might be surprised to find that people in your workforce are classically trained pianists, hobbyist jugglers or just really good at telling jokes. Both Etsy and Zappos have featured employee opening acts before their all-hands meetings, ranging from musical performances to stand-up comedy. This is a fantastic way to infuse some fun into your work meetings and empower your employees to showcase their talents.

Agorapulse, the makers of social media management software, faced a big challenge when their work retreat scheduled for April ended up coinciding with the global shutdown. They had to scramble to turn an in-person retreat into a virtual one.

Using the platform Whereby, they were able to pull it off successfully, with plans to do it every quarter now. A little friendly competition can go a long way in encouraging team bonding. This can be in the form of a talent show, a pub quiz, or a hackathon. Cloud software company Okta managed to transform its hackathon into a virtual one for Focused on creating engagement in a remote atmosphere, Okta shipped T-shirts to teams, held a watch party that featured activities to keep people moving and even invited aerialists, DJs, and magicians to perform!

Engaged employees feel a sense of purpose. For example, your engineering team could teach children how to code, or your communications team could tutor students in English. The great thing is that these types of activities can be done online. Points of Light has a running list of virtual volunteer opportunities. Without that key ingredient, it will be tough to keep your workforce engaged. As many teams continue to work from home and people around the world continue to self-isolate, employee disengagement becomes even more of a threat.

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The feeling of relief of not having to be productive all the time will contribute to remote employee engagement and job satisfaction. You can learn from these speeches and others, and plan your own to help motivate and engage your virtual team.

A simple framework for delivering in inspiration speech is to go from big to small. Talk about the wide market your company serves, or even the state of humanity, then narrow down to the specifics of what your people do and how it impacts things.

Speak with integrity, passion and transparency. When you get an inspirational speech right, you will rally your team around the message and massively increase engagement. When you get an inspirational speech wrong, there are pretty much no consequences.

Try it. Your first one is a practice round. Here is a list of inspirational quotes of the day for work. A very quick way to increase virtual employee engagement is to call your people and talk about life. You can ask:. And other work-friendly topics.

When you work remotely, getting call request from your boss can be nerve-wracking because it feels very serious. Calling to have a casual conversation is a good way to balance that feeling with something more positive. If you have a large team, then most days may be a work anniversary for someone. You can celebrate these work anniversaries by making a quick post recognizing the team member.

See our post on virtual work anniversaries for more ideas. When you work in an office, birthday parties mean cupcakes and good cheer in the lunch room. When you work in a virtual office, you can make a few small substitutes to have a similar quality celebration. Here are some virtual birthday party ideas to get you started. Pro tip: You can adjust your birthday cheer to match the recipient of the message. For example, I am happy to ignore my birthday and okay with a brief mention.

Soon after I joined the startup world, the company I worked for hit a major milestone. We celebrated with a small party to get everyone together.

Receiving a small bonus gift card, combined with the expression of gratitude was a powerful motivator. I felt appreciated, engaged and ready to continue the battle. You can create that same motivation with awarding bonuses and sharing gratitude online.

You can easily send digital gift cards or one in the mail. Try this engagement technique once, and you will see how powerful it can be. Another great way to give bonuses is with an employee referral program.

Check out our list of virtual icebreaker questions for more inspiration, plus recommendations on how to effectively use these prompts in a virtual meeting.

Your team will solve puzzles and uncover clues, in an ultimate challenge to find out who the murderer was. Then, our expert storyteller will reveal what really happened a few centuries ago. In recent years, escape rooms have become a popular group activity worldwide. Now, even during work from home you can do fun and challenging virtual escape rooms too. These online escape rooms are a rate to remote employees by encouraging problem solving and teamwork. There are free and paid virtual escape rooms available.

Investing in virtual employee engagement activities is an important part of virtual team building, improving company culture , and ensuring job satisfaction while working from home. Even allocating five minutes at the beginning of a conference call can make a big difference. Next, check out our list of online games for remote teams , which includes fun virtual team games , Online Team Building Bingo , Virtual Werewolf and Spreadsheets Wars. We also have a list of online drinking games for Zoom to play with remote teams, free virtual team building activities for work , ideas for virtual employee appreciation at work , and this one with virtual game night ideas.

Virtual engagement is both a qualitative and quantitative measurement of the relationship between a remote organization and its employees. For example, you may consider job satisfaction scores, retention and productivity. There are various methods to keep virtual employees engaged. Those relationships have a strong correlation with virtual employee engagement.

You can also provide recognition through verbal and written praise, and financial compensation. Virtual employee engagement activities are any activities, games and initiatives designed to intentionally influence remote employee engagement during work from home. For example, Quarterly Christmas and Spreadsheet Pixel Art are two unique activities for engaging remote teams.

For example, in virtual meeting scheduled for 60 minutes, you would allocate about 12 minutes to fun. During this time you an do virtual team building icebreaker questions, play quick online team games and more. The key to help make employees feel connected is to give them time and space to be people. Your people want to work for you, and want to do work projects; they also want to hang out, make friends and get to know people.

Create space for personal relationships at work and you will see a measurable increase in employee engagement. When employees work from home, one of the lacking elements is basic social interaction with colleagues. Instead, you need to schedule time for socializing and engagement activities.

You can follow us on LinkedIn for team building tips! CEO of teambuilding. I write about my experience working with and leading remote teams since Skip to content You found our list of virtual employee engagement activities. This list includes includes: online games for employee engagement remote employee engagement activities virtual engagement activities work from home engagement activities how to engage remote employees So, here is the list!

List of virtual employee engagement ideas From Quarterly Christmas to Slack channels to bonuses, there are many ways to increase engagement with remote employees. Spreadsheet Pixel Art When you day dream about spreadsheet software, you probably think about formulas and calculations like I do. The you-are-awesome mechanics are fairly simple: Anyone can give a short and clear shout-out to another team member, and tag that person.

Everyone else watching the channel can heap on praise via emojis. The more emojis the merrier. Rinse and repeat. Mister Rogers Calls One of our most popular remote employee engagement activities during work from home is 1 on 1 video connections we call Mister Rogers Calls.

Your team will LOVE this game. Mini Virtual Hackathon Hackathons are a common event type in the tech industry. Support each team member in preparing a simple slideshow and talk. Five minutes is enough. At the beginning or end of your virtual meetings, have one team member lead a Ted-Style Talk. Learn more about tiny campfire. Healthy Habits Challenge Working from home can either be a strong contributor or a might detractor from creating healthy habits.

Emoji Nomenclature Part of effective online communication is embracing emojis. Employee Journal The Employee Journal is a framework we use for on-boarding and developing new remote members. The Employee Journal has two main purposes: Provide new team members with a space to share ideas and questions they have about the organization. Company Yearbook One of our most successful virtual employee engagement activities is publishing a company yearbook. Unstructured Time Part of working from home is feeling like you are always on the clock.

Call Your People A very quick way to increase virtual employee engagement is to call your people and talk about life. You can ask: How they are doing. What they are excited about outside of work.

About any projects you can help with. What they are watching on Netflix. Celebrate Work Anniversaries If you have a large team, then most days may be a work anniversary for someone. Virtual Birthday Parties When you work in an office, birthday parties mean cupcakes and good cheer in the lunch room. Here are two ideas for virtual birthday parties: Invite the birthday person to join a virtual call a few minutes after other teammates.

When the person joins, everyone cheers and makes birthday wishes; like a tiny, virtual surprise party. You can schedule virtual a meeting specific for birthday team building, or tag these activities on to a regularly scheduled team call.

Murder Mysteries are a great way to build engagement with remote teams. Virtual Escape Rooms In recent years, escape rooms have become a popular group activity worldwide. Conclusion Investing in virtual employee engagement activities is an important part of virtual team building, improving company culture , and ensuring job satisfaction while working from home.

What is virtual engagement? How do you keep virtual employees engaged? What are virtual employee engagement activities? How do you make virtual team meetings fun?

How do I make my employees feel connected? How would you motivate your team to work from home?


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1. Create a dedicated Slack praise channel. It feels good to know that what you do matters to someone. If you want to boost employee engagement, show your team that you notice their hard work. Dedicate a Slack channel to praising team members for their achievements and milestones. Apr 22,  · List of employee engagement activities. 1. Museum of failures. The museum of failures is a fun way to encourage a growth mindset and teach staff to laugh off shortcomings. To set up this 2. Community mood ring. 3. Office animal . May 25,  · Example virtual activities for employees include fast-paced trivia, Go Get It lightning scavenger hunts, and a communication sharpening game called “Can You Hear Me Now?”. Online Office Games is energetic, .