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‘Apple Glass’ is coming next year with a price tag of $499

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We have been talking a lot about the products that Apple releases every year, and sometimes it is said that the lineup gets boring. Because we know that the company will release Macbook devices, iPad lineup as well as the iPhones.

However, we are in for a surprise for the next year as a new product will be added to the products launched by Apple. This is because of the reports that Apple Glass is going to be announced next year along with a release date close to the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Apple glass

AR glasses

Now, we know that many Apple users might be confused with the launch of Apple Glass which are AR-enabled glasses that can be worn by users. The report also reveals that Apple will support Prescription Lenses for this first iteration of Apple Glass meaning that even you are wearing powered lenses then also you can take advantage of the Apple Glass.

If you want to have a look at what AR glasses are, you can have a look at Google Glass that is available for non-enterprise users and it must be said that they are not as popular as we first expected. There is also a risk that Apple Glass might turn out to be the same.

Apple glass

Having said that, we know Apple knows what it is getting into and the price tag also indicates they know the market for this product. Since the reports indicate that Apple’s AR-enabled Glass might be available for a starting price of just $499 which is lower than the cheapest iPhone from the company.

But it is also to be worth noting that Apple’s AR Glass will have iPhone dependency and you need to have your iPhone paired with the glass at all times. As for other details, the early prototype of Apple Glass also comes with wireless charging and LiDAR scanner that might be seen on the official product too.

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