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Apple iPhone 11 release date in the US reportedly leaked by SoftBank President

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While we know that there is a lot of anticipation regarding the Apple iPhone 11 series, we know that there is a criticism regarding its design too. Some Apple fans are calling the triple camera setup on the back of iPhone X to be a design blunder. However, people are yet to have a look at the iPhone 11 design officially.

Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11

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Same as every year, people like the iPhone design when it is real rather than in the renders. Now, we know that the wait for Apple’s latest iPhones will come to an end next month. Traditionally, Apple releases its iPhones by the first half of September, and we expect the company to do the same this year too.

However, the Apple iPhone 11 release date might already have been revealed by the President of SoftBank. Now, it is common that Apple would tell the release date of its products to retail partners, and SoftBank is one of them. In an accident, SoftBank President said in an interview that “a new Japanese telecommunications business law coming into effect on October 1 meant the company would be left waiting ten full days after the launch of the iPhone before it could begin its sales”. After making this mistake, SoftBank President quickly said, “Excuse me. I shouldn’t say that,” as a cover-up.

This tells us about the expected launch date of the iPhone 11. We might see the Apple iPhone 11 series launched in the US markets on September 20. Now, this feels right as well because September 20 falls on a Friday. And Apple has always released a new iPhone on a Friday if we look at historical data.

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Since Apple’s iPhone 11 might release on Friday, September 20, we should see it announced two weeks before that. Therefore, we can also assume that Apple will announce the iPhone 11 on September 6.

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