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Apple’s Macbook Air 2020 bizzarely works better with Windows 10

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If you are using an Apple product, you would know that their products are a closed wall garden. It’s because Apple products either have macOS or iOS inside them, which is limited to work with only other iOS and macOS devices. However, we know that users don’t complain, and we are not complaining either. But we have seen that people who buy Mac devices love to use Windows as well, and that is the reason why they install Windows on their systems as well. Now, a strange thing has come out from one of the media houses that installed Windows 10 for testing purposes on their Macbook Air 2020.

Brightness comparison on Macbook Air 2020
Macbook Air 2020

Before you ask how they did so, Apple incorporation provides an official way to install Windows 10 on their devices. So on installing Windows 10 on their Apple Macbook Air 2020, which has the Magic keyboard, Notebook Check found out that the Macbook Air display gets much brighter on Windows. For example, it is to note that Apple advertises a maximum nit brightness of 400 nits for its Macbook Air, and this is for macOS. However, this brightness goes up to 500 nits when running Windows 10, which is significantly brighter.

It is clear from the report that anyone who wants to have their Macbook Air at peak brightness and if brightness is essential to you, then you should install Windows 10 on your Macbook Air 2020. However, we are also trying to understand why Apple might have lowered peak brightness on their product running macOS by default. We think that there might be a reason behind this, and it might be related to wear and tear over time. Apple wants to avoid it because it is evident that issues such as display burn-in develop when you run your laptop or other display at full brightness all the time.

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