Health insurance policies are contracts between the policyholder and the insurance company. In these policies, the insurer assures to pay the medical expenses incurred by the life insured. The insurance company will either ensure that the policyholder will be able to get the cashless treatments for the illness or injuries, or they will reimburse the medical expenses. However, this will happen only if you have done your treatment from one of the network hospitals of the insurer.


Need for health insurance:

Different market studies have proved that the modern lifestyle making us more illness prone and there are a lot of unwanted health issues. The diverse unwanted health issues result in some severe problems, and for that, these issues lead to serious health problems. The treatment of these health problems demands huge money.

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This is where the problems begin. We all want the best health facilities when it comes to them. However, it is not that easy. And this is where the insurers help. The health insurance companies have grown fast in the past few years. They help you to get the best health facility at minimal expenses.

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Features of Health Insurance:

There are different insurance companies who can help you by covering your medical expenses in pre and post-hospitalization. There are a lot more such benefits of health insurance.

  • Health insurance covers all your pre and posts medical expenses.
  • It also pays for the ambulance charges, the domiciliary expenses, ICU charges, room rents, and other expenses too.
  • Most of the insurance plans offer consultation, investigation and other coverage of medicines that sometimes are related to your illness.
  • Health insurances also provide cashless medical treatment facility in the network hospital.
  • Some plans also offer daily cash allowances too.

Eligibility criteria for health insurance:

If you want to buy a health insurance plan, then wait. Are you sure that you are eligible for the plan? Well, it is not some college admission but, there some eligibility criteria of different insurance companies. These criteria depend on aspects such as age, coverage, premium, discount and other things. So, let’s check them out.


Minimum entry age:

You can buy a family floater because that will cover your whole family under a single plan. The minimum age limit for most of the insurance companies that can avail the benefits of health insurance for your kids is 16 days to 18 years. The coverage of this plan, however, will vary as per each beneficiary for this plan.

Steps for Filing an Insurance Claim

Medical Condition:

If you are aged 45 years or more and want to buy insurance, you may need to undergo some medical exams. Some pre-medical tests, in some cases, are mandatory before you can buy health insurance. Age and health condition of the potential policyholder are the two most important thing that the insurance companies consider the most. If they do not ask you for a medical state, you should provide them with a declaration of your good health.

So, these are the fundamental things that you should know about insurance. Check them out and secure the health concerns of you and your family. Buy one today.


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