The world has changed a lot over the years. Since the Industrial Revolution that started in the mid-18th century, the changes are taking place at an ever-increasing pace. The last 3 decades saw major changes in the technological world with the introduction of computers into our daily lives. Life has become fast-paced and technology-oriented; and with this change has come up numerous ideas to grow as an individual, to grow as a business.

App Development is the Best Ideas to startup in 2019

The modern world has seen the outbreak of smartphones. Everybody from children to the old has a smartphone in their hands. Everything that runs on a smartphone, be it a game, or a social networking site, or the health tracker, or the simple call option, is an application- App, to be precise.

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App Development is the Best Ideas to startup in 2019

Everything that we do in our day to day life has an app. Calling a taxi has an app and so has calling the hospital or the doctor, booking a hotel has an app and so does obtaining reservations in a restaurant. You can book movie tickets via an app. You can order food through an app- everything can be done through an app. Hence becoming an app developer in the present world is quite a promising startup option!

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Online Promoting and advertising Partners

In addition to home décor, another thing that remains unchanged is the zeal in man to advertise. What if, this need, this desire to promote oneself transforms into a business? Yes, instead of building a startup that needs promotion; build a startup that does promotion. Everything new in the market requires advertising. For instance, if a new phone comes to the market tomorrow, we can find ads on TVs, tall buildings.

Online Promoting and advertising Partners

Malls and shops will also have representatives trying to sell the phone. Advertising is a crazy need for all, and opening up an agency that helps with advertising is quite an engaging startup plan. It is even better to create such an online platform, as the social world has gone on to become significantly more far-reaching than the natural world.

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Start Your Own Channel

Moving aside from businesses, some people like to follow out their heart’s passion. For such individuals, video blogging is an impressive turnout. You can take over any passion- for example, food, or even travel, and convert it to your day’s hard work. From cooking to eating at the most exotic places, from trekking through unbearable conditions to a siesta in a 7-star hotel, capture all the moments through your camera. Write about them; show the people around the world what they are missing in life through your own YouTube channel and Walla! You have a new startup at your fingertips.

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Startup as Graphic Designer in 2019

When you wish to show off your skillset and talents over the internet, you need to be meticulous about it. Be it a presentation or a music video, be it an instructable or a recipe, everything, portrayed over the internet needs refinement and customization. Herein comes the use of a graphic designer- a person learned in the arts of handling various videos, animation, and other graphical aspects and develop content that is super attractive.

Startup as Graphic Designer in 2019

In conclusion, we can say that the world is filled with opportunities. From technological aspects to environmental solutions, there is an opportunity at every nook and corner. You just need to look through, get inspiration and carry on. As Freddie Mercury had once said- “the show must go on!” That’s all for now with the Best Ideas to startup in 2019.

James S. Smith

James was born and raised in Boston but left the beloved American city behind to pursue his degree in international relations and business in Chicago. A natural hard-worker, James fell in love with money at the age of 4 when he started inventing clever ways to sell off his family’s old stuff in the basement. James still resides in the Windy City, and enjoys skiing, fishing and taking last-minute road trips when he has time.

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