Best Photoshoot Ideas For Your Online Saree Business

Photoshoot ideas

The second most important thing after you have curated your saree business and accumulated all of the different trendy sarees in your website is its marketing. You have to make sure that you are providing decent photos of your products across the market. The customers will be attracted to your sarees when they will see their brilliance in a particular photograph. We have accumulated a few ways through which you will be able to showcase your product with these photoshoot ideas.

Creative Fold

Photoshoot ideas

You can creatively fold your saree and click a photo of it. It is imperative to show all the details of your saree while you are folding it. You have to make sure that the saree is nightly ironed, and all of the details are clearly shown in the pictures. Make sure that the lightning in the room is high. All of the colors of your product must pop out. The customer must be able to understand the material and the quality of your product through this photo.

Simple Folds


If you are not incredibly creative, you can go for your product regular and simple fold. You can fold your saree in a square or rectangle and showcase your product’s different variations. You can click various photos indicating the product’s additional features like the body, blouse, and pallu separately. Make show the lightning is falling on the product.Best saree photography ideas

Mannequin Photoshoot Ideas

Photoshoot ideas

You can use a mannequin to showcase your product. This procedure is used by almost every saree seller. We have seen top fashion brands using a mannequin to showcase their apparels. You can drape your saree in a way that it is properly shown in the photo. However, this procedure requires some arrangements like a photo studio, proper backdrops and a proper carpet. this is one of the Best photoshoot ideas.

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Family Shoot


The most economical way to do a photoshoot of your product is to ask your family members to wear it and pose in front of the camera. If you know anyone in your family who is interested in modelling then you can ask them to model for your product. It will be the most fun experience and you will also have to not have to worry about the payments of a proper model photoshoot.

Model Shoot

Photoshoot ideas

When professional designers market their products they always hire professional models. You can contact any of the models through modelling agencies. Also, you have to hire cosmetics and accessories as well. You can hire a fashion stylist to make the overall arrangements. Although, you need to hire a professional photographer. The pictures will be breathtaking and worth every penny!

Photoshoot ideas

Digital Photoshoot ideas

Photoshoot ideas

If you are not satisfied with any of the above-given method, you can go for this photoshoot ideas called Digital Draping. This is a new and affordable technique through which the people can showcase their products easily. Drapezy is one such technology available for Digital Draping. You just have to take the photographs of your product with your mobile phone and choose your model from the portfolio. Your images will automatically be generated by the application.

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