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Call of Duty Mobile! All sets to beat PUBG!

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Game Lovers! Here you go with Call of Duty Mobile. Great news coming from team Call of Duty Mobile that they are releasing it very soon. The first phase of testing is cleared, and now they are working on the final examination. From the same day, they added a register option in Playstore. I applied for that, and luckily I get early access to play Call of Duty mobile.

If you hear my review, It’s beyond imagination. I fall in love with graphics, all new & automatic guns & a lot more things. According to their official blog on 1st August 2019, They just revealed Multi-player mode.

Call of Duty Mobile vs. PUBG MOBILE

Since PUBG released, Suddenly people started playing and spending time online. And just from that time, we are seeing every new action and shooting game releasing every week! It looks like a new arena comes in the shooting games industry. But PUBGS is still on top of the list in the same industry. Nobody took the position of PUBG. And the waiting time is over!

Since 2003, Activision is king in shooting games. Does Activision sound like new?? Ohh yeah, I get it nobody remembers this name. But, they are the one Publisher of Call of Duty. Call of Duty recently announced that they are about to launch the mobile version of Call of Duty in Android. In the action games, they already know what people like, and that’s the reason Call of Duty mobile is not like other shooting games. They are all set to beat PUBG mobile game.


It is going to be fierce competition! As PUBG has already covered its market. According to one survey, PUBG has over 200 million downloads and nearly 30 million active users every day! This statistic is enormous, Even better then pokemon go! Now just think about this situation where PUBG already has millions of users playing the game every day. What will be the strategy for Call of Duty to attract users and beat PUBG?

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