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CrowdStrike’s new CTO says COVID-19 is ‘business as usual’ for them

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While we have all learned to live in this situation of COVID-19 and it must be said that the world is not turning upside down even when there are restrictions in place due to lockdown, we must say that this is not great for the businesses as well as people who are earning their living by working daily. Having said that, it is known that online businesses, as well as startups, are doing well even during this crisis period since they are letting their employees work from home rather than putting a brake on the work.
Crowdstrike's new CTONow, there was a recent interview with CrowdStrike’s newly appointed CTO and it is interesting to note that they believe COVID-19 is “business as usual” for the company and nothing has changed for them. For those who don’t know about CrowdStrike, it is a “maker and seller of subscription-based endpoint security software that protects against breaches and cyberattacks
The CrowdStrike’s new CTO also said that he was appointed to his position at a time when COVID-19 happened which meant that he had to move from Australia to the US but that wasn’t so easy. He adds that “that hasn’t been the easiest thing to work through,” He says that the biggest problem for him is that he is stuck in Australia and while that is still okay, he says that “adjusting to largely covering a U.S. timezone from Australia” is not easy because of the obvious drastic differences in timezones.

But he adds that “things have been business as usual. A lot of the work I was doing around tech strategy and longer-term vision about [what] we should be working on hasn’t changed for me”. It is worth noting that before being appointed as the CTO, Micheal Sentanos worked as VP of Tech Strategy at CrowdStrike.

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CrowdStrike's new CTO says COVID-19 is 'business as usual' for them