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Dell announces XPS 15 and XPS 17 with Intel 10th-gen chips

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We have seen how companies all over the world are facing delays in production due to the Coronavirus outbreak as well as the delays in production regarding the outbreak. However, we have also seen that many launches have taken place in the last month or so due to the lockdown situation becoming better in China. Now, we would not say that Dell inc was unaffected by this crisis because it is likely that the Dell XPS 15 announcement also got delayed due to this reason.

However, the day has finally come when we are all set to have our first look at the Dell XPS 15 from the company in a press announcement. But with the Dell XPS 15, we have a surprise announcement from the company which is that they are bringing back the iconic Dell XPS 17 this year. For those who don’t know about the Dell XPS lineup, the company first launched it back in 2012 and at that time, we had the Dell XPS 15 as well as the Dell XPS 17 2020. Later, Dell realized that XPS 17 with its 17-inch display was just too big and 15-inch displays were the trend at that time because of its light weightness and slick form factor.

the world’s smallest webcam

So you would now ask why Dell brought this form factor back. The reason is that over the years, Dell has mastered the art of shrinking its bezels down to such an extent that the latest XPS lineup has almost zero bezels on all the four sides. This is despite the fact that the top bezels houses a webcam and the company claim it is the world’s smallest webcam on a laptop.

Therefore, we now know that the Dell XPS 15 and XPS 17 will add to the XPS 13 which was released by the company earlier this year. So let’s also have a look at what else has been added to the laptops to make them the “best Windows laptops” in the market right now.

Dell XPS 15 with Intel 10th gen chip starts at USD 1299

Dell XPS 15 2020

Dell XPS 15 2020

First of all, let’s talk about the tried and tested laptop in the Dell XPS lineup which is the Dell XPS 15. It is worth noting that while Dell XPS 13 is already present and it is a truly impressive laptop with such performance at the sleek form factor, we have seen that a 13-inch display size is just too small for most people out there.

Display description

Only people who value weight over display size would want to get the XPS 13 and we know that there are buyers of that laptop as well. However, the Dell XPS 15 is meant for power users and that is the reason why we have a 16:10 display on this laptop which is brought over from the XPS 13. This display panel has up to 4K resolution while the base variant comes with a 1080p display for battery life.

Along with that, we have the 10th-gen Intel CPUs on this laptop which offer performance upgrades compared to the last year Dell XPS 15 7590. Coming to the looks of Dell XPS 15, we can say that the laptop is rebuilt from the ground up since we have new looks in terms of the aluminum chamfered edges that look premium to the touch.

In addition, we can also see that the trackpad on Dell XPS 15 is much larger this time around. It is also seen that the new trackpad is the same size as the Macbook Pro 16-inch which is the biggest trackpad we have seen on any laptop right now. Also, the carbon fiber material used on the inside still continues to be there and it is something that is unique to the Dell XPS series.


Other than that, the display looks extremely modern which is also the reason why we can’t even see bottom bezel. Also, you get a graphics option for the gaming performance on this laptop with the option for an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q card. This means that software that takes advantage of this card such as video editing and photo editing can also benefit. While Dell does not advertise it due to thermal limitations, you can use the Dell XPS 15 for medium to heavy gaming as well.

The port situation on the Dell XPS 15 is that it comes with three USB Type-C ports that have two Thunderbolt 3 ports that can be used to connect monitors as well as external GPUs. Also, the best part is that Dell XPS series now supports USB Type-C for charging meaning you don’t need an extra port just for charging your laptop.

The new Dell XPS 17 2020 starts at USD 1499


Coming to the Dell XPS 17, we know that it has made a comeback after many years but it is the same as the XPS 15, just bigger. For example, we have the same display ratio with a 17-inch display in a 15-inch size which the company claims is “smallest 17-inch laptop” right now in the market.

Specifications of Dell XPS 17 2020 & XPS 15

Also, the same processor and GPU upgrades can be seen in the Dell XPS 17 with the XPS 17 going up to RTX 2060 display card which is currently the most powerful card out there. It is worth noting that the Dell XPS 17 2020 does weigh more than the Dell XPS 15 but that is understandable considering the display size and the bigger battery on this laptop.

Port options on the Dell XPS 17 are better than the XPS 15 as it comes with four USB Type-C ports, all of which are Thunderbolt 3 compatible. Dell also says that the thermal situation on XPS 17 is much better so you can take maximum advantage of the dedicated graphics. You also get a full-size SD card reader on this laptop along with an option to max-out this laptop along with a 10th gen Intel Core i9, 64GB RAM, and 2TB SSD storage.

unwelcomed news

The sad part is that this laptop is not available right now in the market. While the Dell XPS 15 is available right now starting at $1299 for the base variant, the Dell XPS 17 2020 will be available “later this summer” at a starting price of $1499 in the US.

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Dell inc might launch Dell XPS 15 & XPS 17 2020 this week as per reports