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DispatchTrack, a last mile delivery service, raises funding of $144M

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We have seen that the world is facing a severe crisis right now, and one of the only businesses that are currently running is e-commerce. That too, we have seen that so many e-commerce and delivery and logistic companies are delivering essentials only and not concentrating much on the non-essential products right now.

last mile delivery

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On the other hand, we know that not every e-commerce company is doing well because not everyone will have the inventory as well as storage space as Amazon has. For that reason, we are seeing that these e-commerce companies are also taking help from last-mile delivery service providers to create fulfillment centers and make things work.
As far as these centers are concerned, they are providing or at least claiming to provide services similar to Amazon or even better than them. That is the reason why a lot of e-commerce companies are now focusing on building other resources rather than investing in developing their fulfillment stores. One such service is DispatchTrack, which is a last-mile delivery service that manages and tracks the deliveries efficiently.

DispatchTrack funding news

DispatchTrack is a service that provides a solution for companies by planning and tracking deliveries so that they, as well as their customers, can be aware of what is going on with their orders. We know that sellers on Amazon claim that they know exactly where their orders are and when they are being delivered or returned, which is not the case with non-Amazon companies.

So DispatchTrack, which does this job fine, has just raised an investment of $144M in its first-ever round of funding, which means that the company can invest better to develop its resources. It is worth noting that the company grew to 60 million deliveries per year while being bootstrapped and has been running for ten years in the market.

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