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Enterprise learning platform GO1 raises $40M from Microsoft

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One thing we all know for a fact is that learning in the time of COVID is going to see a lot of changes. While we were seeing that people sent their children to schools and colleges for learning, that would not be done right now even if the governments say that it is safe because of the fear of catching the Coronavirus. This is the reason why we are seeing the emergence of online learning among students because it is unlikely that regular education will return for the next few months.

Brief information about GO1

Enterprise learning platform

Talking about online learning, we have a report regarding funds that have been amazed by the enterprise learning platform named GO1. However, this platform is different in the sense that it is an enterprise learning platform meaning that skills are being taught on this platform for employees who can stay connected to their job and refresh all the things they already know but might have forgotten due to the stress from Coronavirus-related news.

Funding news

Go1 funding

This platform, available on, is an “online learning platform focused specifically on professional training courses.” As part of the funding round, GO1 has raised a funding of $40 million in a Series C round, and they have generated these funds from companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and others. This startup was initially founded in Brisbane, Australia, but it has now expanded to San Francisco in the US. The startup says that they have “seen engagement triple in the last month as companies turn to online learning to keep users connected to their professional lives.”

In a statement, GO1 CEO says that “It is gratifying to fill an important void right now as workers embrace online solutions. We are inspired about the future that we are building as we expand our platform with new mediums that reach millions of people every day with the content they need.”

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