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A check-in startup, Envoy raises $20 million to reopen companies

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While we are talking about the pre-COVID and post-COVID era, we should keep in mind that there are certain things and problems we will have to face daily. One of those issues is that business will not be as usual when we restart our companies and start going to our jobs because the practice of social distancing as well as sanitizing ourselves will be essential. On the other hand, we know that some startups were ahead of the time and did something that was not so successful at that time.

Envoy funding news


It can also be said that people did not realize the importance of those startups and the things they were doing at that time. But now that we know of such measures, there is a startup working on check-ins for the companies, and they have just raised $20 million. Currently, their main goal is to help companies to reopen their offices safely. This startup, named Envoy, working on check-in systems for offices, has something to say about businesses in the future as well.

Envoy founder Gadea, as reported by Forbes, “knows that some people may never go back to the office; those who do may come back in a trickle, with buildings operating at capacities of 20% or 30% their pre-pandemic levels”. He mentions that “People are going to back to the workplace,” says Gadea. “We’re trying to make it as safe as possible when they do.”

Envoy funding

As far as Envoy is concerned, they have a product called Envoy Protect, which “can help track employee registration, health, and safety capacity in a building” as per the company. Envoy also plans to add features to its product, such as “notifications of when they’re out of sanitizer, cleaning and building facilities management to know when areas of an office have been used and need cleaning, as well as company-wide announcement mechanisms.”

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