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Figma, the design software startup, raises an ‘opportunistic’ funding

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You must have heard that there needs to be an innovation in the design software field because there is just a lot of dependency right now on the offline tools from the likes of Adobe and others.

In order to remove these dependencies and make people collaborate with each other, there was a new startup launched a few years ago named as Figma.


Now, we see that the startup has grown on to become a huge brand in the designing industry and most of the designers are using it to collaborate with fellow designers or team-mates on projects.

Currently, we are going through unprecedented times of COVID-19 pandemic and it is the best time for startups to rise that is solving a problem faced by people. During these times when people can’t work from offices and with their colleagues around them, software startups such as Figma will become huge since people start to design their stuff online.

Figma Funding news


Talking about Figma and its value during these times, it is known that the startup is in talks to raise a new round of funding and this funding will be raised at a $2 billion valuation for the startup meaning that they are now in the billion-dollar club.

Interestingly, Figma will raise a funding of $50 million if the talks go through and they are likely to as per Forbes‘ sources. It is also said that this round of funding from Figma will be “opportunistic” since it is a smaller round and it is done to extend its cash reserves during these uncertain times.

Figma’s ideology has been always been to provide tools for collaboration and while there are many in other fields, there was none before Figma in the designing field. They say that “Our mission is to make design accessible. We think everyone should have the tools to express themselves visually, and the design process should be open and collaborative.”

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