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Goodwork, Philippines-based home service platform, raises $1.6M

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It should be noted that while being in the middle of a pandemic, the work does not stop, and people will require a lot of help from the services sector, which includes the repair shops for any purpose whatsoever. We are telling you right now about a new company that has raised funds and operates in the services sector of the world. This report is from the Philippines and is named Good work, a platform for booking home services.

Good work Funding News

It is known that Good work raises $1.6 million in order to promote its platform even more and expand its services to other parts of Southeast Asia. We know that lockdown meant that people all over the world had to work from home or stay inside their homes. For those who could not work from home, they were left with no other option. However, GoodWork introduced “new health services, including online medical consultations, to its app,” which meant that people could take advice from their homes without needing to visit the clinics.

Since the lockdown is now being lifted in the Philippines, GoodWork is “preparing by adding disinfection cleaning services and implementing new safety guidance for providers, including a body temperature monitoring feature in its app, and additional safety training and protective equipment for cleaners.” This will mean that the company is offering many more services than in comparison with it did previously.
GoodWork employee
Also, GoodWork is planning to expand to other parts of SouthEast Asia and not just be limited to the Philippines. GoodWork also mentions that stay-at-home orders mean that air conditioners are used more and that “leads to an increased demand for servicing, and for many people, it has increased the need for home cleaning.” GoodWork CEO also adds that laundry delivery and pickup demand has also increased during this period.

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