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Google Pixel 4’s leaked images show the bezels are not that bad

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Google revealed a few months back that the Pixel 4 series is going to launch soon. This is when the company basically got fed up with all the Pixel 4’s leaked images and decided to out the design of its Pixel 4 smartphone. This image from Google showed only the design of the back of its Pixel 4. However, we have since known that there will be a top bezel on the Pixel 4 series. Because Google also revealed that it will come with plenty of sensors including Face Unlocking hardware.

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Google Pixel 4 leaked image 1

Google Pixel 4 leaked image 1

Now, we have seen that smartphones in 2019 come with minimal bezels or no bezels at all like the OnePlus 7 Pro. But the fact that Google Pixel 4 would come with a regular bezel pissed many of its fans. To be honest, we were also similarly frustrated with Google’s design choice for its Pixel 4 series. As we have seen that Apple also includes dedicated Face Unlock hardware with a notch and symmetrical design.

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Google Pixel 4 leaked image 2

Google Pixel 4 leaked image 2

But we now have our first sketchy look at a possible Google Pixel 4. This is obviously an image of Google engineer using or testing the smartphone prior to launch. Therefore, we can say that the mass production of this smartphone might not have started yet. In any case, we are not concerned about that. What we are here to tell you is that if the image is really the Pixel 4, it might not be that bad. We had assumed that the top bezel on this smartphone would be quite large.

Google Pixel 4 top bezel components revealed by Google

Google Pixel 4 leaked images, top bezel components revealed by Google

Although Pixel 4’s leaked images show that the top bezel is not as big as we expected. Also, we can see that the bottom bezel is non-existent from the angle that this image is captured. Therefore, the bezel at the bottom might be minimal or not present at all. This gives us promise that Google might finally have a winning Pixel smartphone on their hands. As we already know that Google Pixel’s camera is the best of any smartphone out there.

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