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Google Pixel 4a might launch at just $299, beating iphone SE

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We know that the smartphone launch season is heating up right now despite the fact that COVID-19 is going on, and everyone is inside their homes. It is also worth noting that budget smartphone wars are also taking place right now between two of the biggest names in the industry. These are Apple and Google, and we are referring to the recently launched iPhone SE 2020 and the upcoming Google Pixel 4a. While we know that the Apple iPhone SE is an excellent value at $399, it must be noted that the design on that phone is stale since it is just a renewed version of the iPhone 8 from the past.

Google Pixel 4a
On the other hand, the Google Pixel 4a comes in a new body with a unique camera design, but it still has a single camera at the back only. Having said that, we have seen that Google believes more in computational photography and less in raw sensor size, which means it is going to be the best camera in that price range. But we have got even more great news for you regarding the Pixel 4a. If the recent leaks are to be believed, Google will undercut the iPhone SE pricing this year.

Comparison of Pixel 4a with iPhone SE
Pixel 4a

Last year, Google launched Pixel 3a at $399 in the US, which was the only phone with such a camera in this price range. This year, we have the iPhone SE, which also has a great camera at $399, so Google is planning to launch the Pixel 4a with the same or better camera at just $299 alongside a 64GB storage variant and $349 for 128GB internal storage. In contrast, the iPhone SE 2020 only has 64GB base storage for its starting price. Also, we believe that you can get Pixel 4a at even lower cost, but the same can not be said about Apple iPhone SE since they generally don’t get discounts.

If these leaks turn out to be accurate, Google Pixel 4a might be the best camera phone at this price range, considering that you don’t need to get the best performance since it is not meant to have a powerful chip or massive amount of RAM.

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