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Guilded, gaming-focused chat app, raises $7 million in series A.

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We have seen how gaming has taken a huge step forward in this world of the Coronavirus where everyone is confined to their homes and gaming is one of the best stressbusters as well as a way to kill time since people have nothing else to do. while Guilded latest funding 2020 raises $7 million for its gaming-focused chat app.

For that reason, companies and startups that have been developing products based on gaming have also stepped up in the meantime.

We are seeing a lot of reports every day regarding the products related to gaming being developed and also getting funds.

Similarly, a new report is out now which talks about a startup building a chat app focused on gamers known as Guilded.

Now, we know there is a huge platform called Discord already which is also said to be a platform dedicated to gamers apart from other audiences as well.

But we know that not every platform is perfect and neither is Discord so Guilded tries to improve on what is already available.
Guilded latest funding 2020

Guilded CEO says that “Discord is really great for a lot of communities, but we’re building chat specifically for gamers,”

As we mentioned earlier, the platform is trying to do as much as possible for gamers and gaming enthusiasts only. Now, Guilded is also announcing a new round of funding secured by them in Guilded latest funding 2020 which is for $7 million as a part of its Series A round.

As far as what makes Guilded different from Discord is concerned, the main features are that users can upload inline events as well as upload documents and post screen captures too.

In addition, users can fire up the app even during their gameplay and chat with other gamers which is what many prefer rather than live chat. Guilded is also known to support more than 400 gaming titles and they are said to add more games in their roster soon.

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