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Guru raises funding of $30M despite the COVID-19 economic concerns

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While we are sure that the economic crisis of 2020 will be far worse than the previous recessions we have seen, it is still a good bet to say that start-ups will emerge out of this situation and many companies will rise while many will go down as well. Now, we are here to tell you that despite the cash crunch we are seeing due to the COVID-19 situation, start-ups are getting funded right now. Because this new report reveals that a startup named Guru raises funding of $30M in its latest round of funding.

It is known that Guru is a Philadelphia-based collaborative knowledge management software provider that has done its Series C round of funding right now and this round was led by Accel. Guru CEO says that digital transformation has been accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing so many people to work remotely.
Guru raises fundingHe adds that while this virus outbreak is worst for retailers, it is a great opportunity for the digital industry as guru raises funding. He adds that “Companies of every size and category are transitioning to remote work, changing their services to meet needs, and seeing sudden drops (or increases) in demand,”. “Given recent events, we are increasing our commitment [to customers] to make sure that collaborative knowledge management feels easy and is attainable for all teams.”

Guru’s slogan is that “the information you need to do your job should find you.” and they also claim to have pioneered the software category of knowledge management. Giving more information about Guru, it has developed a browser plugin that “surfaces data sitting across a worker’s distributed cloud apps directly into whatever workflow tool a user is in” as per Crunchbase. Also, Guru is operating on the SaaS or software-as-a-service business model which is also what many other start-ups are approaching as it is a sustainable and viable plan for many.

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