Before you understand what goes in a pitch deck or how you would create it, you need to get a basic idea of what a pitch deck is. In the simplest language, it is an amalgamation of 15 to 20 slides of the presentation that you can display in an official manner to prospective investors. From this, it is quite evident that a pitch deck is supremely important as this is what’s going to get you the capital that your startup requires. Now there are several norms to follow while creating this presentation.

How to create an Investor pitch

Create an Investor pitch to get funding
Create an Investor pitch to get funding


  • Make the pitch deck official. Include such a line as “Confidential. Copyright © by [your company’s name]. All Rights Reserved.” This surely instills a very professional touch into the presentation.
  • A presentation should be fewer words and more of a graphical display which may be self-explanatory.
  • Convince the prospective investor by employing spoken words as to why and how your plan is going to make a difference (and a profit)!

How To Get Investors?

  • Allow the prospective investor to go through the presentation before the meeting. In this aspect, the presentation should get direct mails in a PDF format.
  • Carry your product, exhibit a demo!
  • Your idea should be more than just an idea and that includes you- your personality should be reflected in your presentation, and it should speak out your passion for business!
Things to follow while creating investment pitch
Things to follow while creating investment pitch


  • Your pitch deck should be 15 to 20 slides long and no longer. Investors are a busy bunch of people and it is not a good idea to eat up their time through unnecessary slides.
  • Words are a big No-No when it comes to presentations! It should be graphic and colorful and whatever you have to say should come out from your mouth.
  • The pitch deck is best to cover the basics and it does not include several details. The details can be added on as you explain the presentation and that is sure to have a positive impact!

How To Get A Seed Funding For Your Business?

  • Short forms, technical terms, and the likes should be kept as much away from the pitch deck as is possible. It so happens that the prospective investor may not be well-versed in all the acronyms and jargon. Hence, it’ll become immensely difficult for him to follow what you are saying!
  • The date matters! Your pitch deck should look up to date and hence it is inadvisable to include any data or data that may speak to the contrary.
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