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When Zoom starts up the first time, it will ask for the email and password you used in the first step to create your free account on the Zoom website in your internet browser.

Go ahead and enter this information. Once you have logged into the program successfully you should see a screen that looks like the image to the left. This gives you the option to start a new meeting, join a call, schedule a future event, or share your screen.

You will need to reach out to your friends to plan the video meeting beforehand to ensure they will be online. This planning is best done through email or telephone, as Zoom has no way to alert someone who is not also running the Zoom Program. This will bring up a page that looks something like this, where you can set the time and day of the meeting. At the bottom of the page you may have to scroll down , you can require a password recommended which is unique to each meeting.

This will help ensure your conversation is safe, because no one else can join without this password. This will generate a new page for you, which will have your meeting link. Clicking on that will produce a pop-out screen that looks like this:.

This will take the information for the meeting, and copy it to your clip board. Now go to your usual email, and create a new message. Add the friends or family that you want to invite to the video chat in the address line. In that message, there will be an embedded link to the video chat, or meeting. Your friends or family will be able to click on that, to meet up with you at the day and time you agreed upon. NOTE: There is no other way to notify your friends or family about this meeting, other than your email to them.

Zoom does not send out notifications. Note for the photo above: Your audio might be different than the one listed, but zoom is good at detecting your audio and recommending the right one for you.

If you do not see it, put your mouse cursor at the bottom of the call see image below for location. You will want to hit the Invite button within this Participant section, as noted in the image below:. Upon pressing invite, another prompt will appear asking you to choose what email service you use. If you use Gmail or Yahoo email services, do select the button suggested.

You can copy the invitation by clicking the button the red arrows are pointing to above. Then, go to your email provider and compose a new email. When in doubt, call your friend and give them the numbers squared in orange. Note: The numbers listed in this document have no significance other than the location they appear on in the Zoom program. Your numbers should be different than the ones squared in orange above. You need to admit your friend into the Zoom Call. Make sure the Participants tab is still open on the right-hand side of the zoom call.

Go to the right arrow under Participants to see the location of the admit button. Do this to your invited friend to allow them entry into the call!

You need a specific number Meeting ID and password to get to the right room. To get this information, your friend needs to send you an invite via email. Those who pay for their Zoom account get special features such as call-in numbers. Instructional strategies. Online learning. Digital Wolf Pack Initiative. Workshops and training. Accessibility resources. How to use a password with your Zoom meeting Adding a password to you meeting is one the ways you can help reduce the chances that you will encounter a troll attempting to Zoombomb your course.

From the Zoom interface, click on the Schedule a New Meeting button. On the page that loads, enter all of your meeting information. Screen clipping of the Meeting Options area of the Zoom new meeting creation interface.

You will be prompted to enter a meeting password. Enter a password that will not be easy to guess. Click the Save button to save your meeting.



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If that does not happen, please skip down to the Resources and Troubleshooting Links at the end of this page. Skip to content Facebook-square Twitter Instagram Envelope. Berkeley, CA How to use Zoom to Connect with Friends and Family. You should have a file shown at the bottom of your browser. Double-click on this to open.

Compose your email subject line as usual. How to Start Your Meeting. If that does not work, here are some helpful tips:. You are not done yet!

You should now be able to talk to your friend over zoom! Type in the Meeting ID listed in the email from your friend, and type in your name, then click Join, You will then be prompted for the password — this is the password listed in the email as well. Leave Meeting. Resources and Troubleshooting Links:. Share on facebook Facebook.

Share on twitter Twitter. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. The value of pwd is set to a long random string to make it impossible for others to guess. Others would never be able to guess the pwd part of the URL and neither would any automated scripts and would be forced to login manually. Extended learning not related to Zoom : Online surveys for example use URLs that look like qualtrics. It is up to the programmers of the website to define the meaning and uses of these values within the website context.

Being a web programmer you learn to guess what the query string values of a web address are and what the website is trying to do with that information you can play around with this by changing values within a query string and see what happens when you change them and make the request.

Monthly Connect. Board of Directors. Your Privacy Website. Home Zoom How-to. How Do I zoom? Before You Begin: Zoom is a free service that anyone can use, but you can control more of how it works when you register for an account. Even if you choose to join meetings without registering, you will still need to download the software to participate.

Step 1: Download Zoom. If you are using a phone or tablet, visit your device’s app store and search for “Zoom. Walk me through this. Step 2: Adjust Settings. Step 3: Call In. When you register for a CFK program offered on Zoom, you will receive an email with the meeting link, ID and password. Use either the link or the ID to call in to your program at the scheduled date and time. Step 4: Change Your View. When the file has finished downloading, double-click ZoomInstaller. After the software is installed, Zoom will open a browser window.

Click Sign In. Enter the user ID and password you selected in step 1. The Zoom client will appear. Follow the prompts to download the application. Step 2: Adjust Settings Virtual backgrounds allow you to Zoom without sharing what is going on around you in your home. Click Virtual Background on the Settings screen that appears.

You will see a video sample from your device’s camera. Click a virtual background from the options below your video. If a pop-up appears, click Download.

When the download is completed, your selected virtual background will appear. Other Settings in Zoom There are other settings you can adjust in Zoom to personalize your experience. On the page that loads, enter all of your meeting information. Screen clipping of the Meeting Options area of the Zoom new meeting creation interface. You will be prompted to enter a meeting password. Enter a password that will not be easy to guess. Click the Save button to save your meeting. All participants will require the meeting password to enter the Zoom meeting room.


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Enter the password that is provided. GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER. MICROSOFT EDGE OR IE (internet explorer) BROWSER. Connect to the internet. Connect. The Zoom Platform, as of September 27th, , requires either the use of a Waiting Room or a Passcode when accessing a meeting. You may be prompted to enter the meeting passcode, followed by #. This passcode will be included in the meeting invite provided by the host. If you join by.