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How to Make a Profit from Domain Flipping

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It is thrilling for us to find a passive source of income. Really, the online world is the best choice to be successful in our target. Nowadays, you may have heard of various ways of monetizing your website. However, one of the best opportunities for investment is domain flipping. Maybe, you are familiar with this name. Still, most of us do not know about the way of making a profit from domain flipping.

Make a Profit from Domain flipping- What is it all about?

It is the process of buying a domain name at a price and reselling it at a higher rate. You may know about the house flipping business. Then, you will also be able to understand the domain flipping process.

Which domain names are more profitable?

You can find domain names with shorter letters or with one word. However, the valuable and profitable domain names have the following characteristics-

Which domain names are more profitable

Which domain names are more profitable

Length of the domain names:

The domains with 3 to 4 letters are much valuable, as most of those names match the company names or brand names.


The domain names, having few haphazard letters, can never be convertible to a brand name. Conversely, the names, like or are straightforward and brandable domain names.

Authority and age:

The aged domains have higher authority. That is why they have better potential to gain backlinks. It is the reason, for which the shorter and older names are much costly.

Domain Extension:

The most common option website domains. Likewise, .net are other known extensions.

How To Get Investors?

Start searching for the domain names

As one of the lucky domain flippers, you may find the best domain names. After the expiry of a domain, it gets access to Redemption Grace Period, and the present owner gets one chance for reclaiming it within 1 to 3 months. While that period is over, the domain becomes public, and others would be able to register it.

Start searching for the domain names

Start searching for the domain names

Go through the registration process

You may rely on a domain provider for registering the chosen domain name. You may register it for a year, and overall, the process is very easy.

Look for buyers

It is one of the trickiest jobs of the domain flippers. You need to create a webpage to display your domain names. Simultaneously, you have to clarify that you are selling the domains.

WHOIS privacy

You need to deactivate it for hiding the contact details. Interestingly, by disabling it, the potential buyers can identify you.

More tips to pick the lucrative domain names

Keyword-filled domain names:

The winning and effective domain names always follow SEO rules. You may follow the latest Google Panda algorithms while branding the domain names.

Choose the memorable domain names to make a profit from domains:

The domain names, comprising the odd and unknown words, are not memorable to others. You can pronounce and spell the names to check out the memorability.

Thus, we have provided you with a brief guide on how to earn money from domain flipping business. You may also find out more tricks to increase your profit from the business.

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