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How To Pay Credit Card Bill Online

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One of the most important responsibilities of the credit card owner is to clear the dues at the right time. While using credit cards for various purchases, you have to focus on the billing cycle. Based on your credit card statement, the bank may send you notification on the due payments. To avoid a late payment charge, you need to make an on-time payment. Various credit card issuers enable you to pay the bill in offline and online mode. However, for the convenience, we think that the online channels are the better options to the cardholders.

Pay Credit Card Bill Online using Net banking or online banking

It is a faster and easier mode for the credit card owners. You need to transfer the fund from your online account. At first, you have to use your password and customer ID to access to the online banking portal of your card issuer. Choose the option, Bill Payment and the system will instantly redirect you to pay for making payment. You may pay the total due payment or the minimum amount. It takes 3 to 5 days for processing the payment.

Pay using Net banking or online banking

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Visa Money Transfer

We have found it to be an innovative way of transferring your funds to the Visa credit card from your bank account. You can send the fund within 3 days. However, make sure that you are using the Visa-powered credit card. You should also check out your transaction limit.

Pay credit card payment with Mobile banking

Nowadays, most of the banks have mobile-friendly websites. Thus, you may access the website of your chosen bank. The user-friendly interface of the websites helps you to pay your credit card bill very easily. This method is much similar to online banking.

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Auto debit

As you have created your online banking account, you may choose the auto-debit feature. This special facility enables you to set some guidelines for paying your monthly credit card bill on a particular day. While you have registered for this facility, there are options to select the total or minimum amount due. You can find the regular and consistent payment for the bill. Thus, you have no chance of incurring the late charge. However, make sure that you have much amount of funds in your bank account. The automatic payment reduces your tasks.

Pay credit card payment with Mobile banking

Pay using NEFT

You may choose the NEFT facility to make an electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another one. Enter your credit card number and other details accurately. This method helps you in successful processing within a day. For authenticating the transaction, you have to input the OTP, delivered to your mobile.

Pay using NEFT

BillDesk for credit card payment

Several banks have partnered with various online payment agencies. BilDesk is also one of the most known portals, and the major banks have a tie-up with it. You can securely pay your credit card bill with this method.

These are a few ways of paying your credit card bill online. You can choose any of them and make the payment. However, there are also various offline modes of bill payment.


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