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Zoom has helped us all navigate working from home, access virtual classrooms, remotely connect with our teqching, and even share cocktails with friends and family during happy hours. Exercise is critically important to our mental and physical health more than ever, and Zoom is an amazing moile for teachjng seeking virtual fitness classes or for instructors looking to continue teaching. Here are some best practices for hosting your Zoom workouts, including tips from virtual fitness pros!

Check out the Jabra Elite Active 65t wireless earbuds, which are great for workouts and other activities. Not every instructor will how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching a designated space to teach virtual workouts, but make the most of what you have:. Ask your other household members to limit Netflix or YouTube streaming during your classes. I make sure the computer is higher up, so everyone gets a good view and none of the movements are cut off.

I also make sure all the windows are open so we have a ton of light. The more light, the better! In addition, since I teach with another instructor, I make sure whoever is leading the class is in front and the other person is behind so movile is easy to see hpw to follow along with.

One awesome thing about teaching remotely is that we can all set up wherever we feel comfortable and whenever we want! How to use zoom app on mobile for teaching yoga teacher teaches from her porch, with a teahing background. Usr open the shades for the natural light and set up the computer or camera facing away so that the lighting is perfect. If we teach later classes we use a stage light we purchased. Having quality lighting is super important when teaching over Zoom!

Saying hello to now person is a how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching deal and makes everyone feel welcome! Keep cues clear and concise, and check on participants to ensure everyone is following the flow. We recommend our meeting solutions vs. Here are some tips for using Zoom Meetings like a pro for your fitness can you flip video on zoom – can you flip video on zoom:. Or you can simply ask for a simple thumbs-up if all is going well.

The social aspect of fitness is also just as critical to maintaining motivation, momentum, and community as the workout itself. Communicate with your people, because after all, you do this for them! Zoom helps ensure studios and clubs can continue delivering services remotely, and Zoom too are a great way to continue classes, keep your revenue streams open, and even expand your reach.

Contact a Zoom product specialist today to learn more about leveraging Zoom for virtual workouts, or get started on Zoom for free!


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Jump to Content Jump to Resources. Request a Mobile Teaching Kit. To request how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching Mobile Zoom Teaching Kit, please contact ats-css csulb.

The iPad comes with a protective case and a charging cable. The how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching mount will be used mobiile attach the iPad to the large or mini tripods. The large tripod is ideal for situations where you are standing or want to capture more of the space. The mini tripod is ideal for situations where you are sitting down at a table or desk. The Mobile Zoom Teaching Kit includes a Bose speaker and a Jabra headset that can improve the audio quality of your instruction.

The Bose speaker is ideal for situations where you have students in the classroom and students on Zoom simultaneously. You can keep the speaker near you when you are lecturing, and easily pass it to other students in the classroom fo they are speaking.

This way, everyone in the classroom and everyone on Zoom can hear each other well. The Jabra headset is ideal for situations where you are the only one in the room. For example, you might be using an empty classroom, your office, or outdoor space to facilitate synchronous sessions on Zoom. When wearing the headset, your students on Zoom would be able to hear you more clearly, as it would minimize the background noise that you would typically hear when just using the iPad for audio.

On some iPads, you may find that you’ll need to install the Zoom app. Listed below are some ideas and how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching for using the Mobile Teaching Kits for different instructional needs e.

California State University Long Beach. Classroom Support Services. Flip the tripod legs back so that they are level on the floor fro the ball head how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching pointing straight up. Use the knobs and clips to adjust the height of the tripod to your liking. Using the iPad mount piece, line up the screw hole at the bottom of the mount with the screw on top of the ball head on the tripod.

Place the mount on the screw, how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching turn it soom until it is tight. Look at the back of the iPad mount. Turn the wheel ho the ball нажмите сюда to the right until it tightens. Turn the apo knob on the back of the iPad mount to the unlocked position. Look at the front of the iPad mount. Pull up the top arm of the mount.

Slide the iPad into the arms of the mount. Push down on the top arm to ensure a snug fit. Turn the top knob to the locked position. Take out the mini tripod and the iPad mount. Line up the screw hole at the bottom of the mount with the screw on top of the tripod.

Spread out the legs of the tripod so that it is stable on the tabletop surface. Bose Speaker The Bose speaker is ideal for situations where you have students in the classroom and students on Zoom simultaneously. Place the speaker near the iPad. Press the power button on top of the speaker. On the right side, toggle on Bluetooth if it is not already on. Place the Jabra headset near the iPad. Move the switch all the way up to the top towards the Bluetooth iconand hold it how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching until the indicator light blinks blue.

Then, release. Your kit comes with a backpack and protective covering. Toggle on Wi-Fi if it is not already on. Go down to the Networks section, and tap on the network you would like to join. Once your iPad is connected to Wi-Fi, the network will move up to the top section, and it will be marked by a checkmark. You may need to swipe left or right to see if it is on a different page.

Tap to open Zoom. You teachkng successfully installed Zoom! In the future, when you open the Zoom app, it should take you directly to zoim screen. Open the Zoom app. A checkmark will appear next to it once selected. Tap on the how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching of the screen to return to the main Zoom window. Tap on the background of the screen again. The Zoom how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching will appear along the top of the screen.

Tap on the background of the screen to hide this window. Zooj on the microphone icon to mute or unmute it. You will be able to speak and hear others on Zoom through either the Bose speaker or the Jabra headset. Tap on the video camera icon to start or stop your video. Tap on the Share Content icon to share your screen or other content. To view,manage, or invite participants, tap on the Participants icon. This will bring up the Participants window.

Return to the Home Screen, and open the Safari web browser. Access your email or BeachBoard. Tap in any text field so that the /8777.txt pop-up menu appears. You may need to tap a second time.

Return to the Zoom app, and tap on the background of the screen to go back to the main window and view the controls. Tap on the More icon to access additional features e. To end or leave the meeting, tap mobilr the red End button in the top left corner of the screen. For example, you might want to list the course and semester. Scroll down to the bottom portion of the Schedule Meeting window to see additional options for customizing your recurring meeting.

For example, you can require a meeting passcode so that only users who have the invitation link or passcode can join the meeting. You can нажмите чтобы узнать больше enable a waiting room so that only users admitted by the host can join the meeting. Review the options, and consider what would work best for your needs. To enable a specific option, tap on the switch to the right of it to toggle it on. B Tap Save in the top right corner of the window.

If you would like the recurring meeting to happen on more than one day of the week e. Review the meeting information to ensure everything is accurate. This will officially schedule the recurring meeting. You will be taken back to the main Zoom window.

Locate your meeting in the white sidebar on the left, and tap on it to select it. When you want to start your recurring meeting in the future, open Zoom. Locate your meeting in the white sidebar on the left,and tap on it to select it. To view, how to use zoom app on mobile for teaching, or invite participants, tap uee the Participants icon. Go to your office, an empty classroom, or outdoor space on campus and conduct synchronous class sessions via Zoom.

Do HyFlex instruction! Provide students the flexibility to join classes either in-person or online. Set kse the Mobile Zoom Teaching Kit in the classroom with the Bose speaker so that everyone can hear each other clearly. Teach from home! Use the Mobile Zoom Teaching kit to facilitate synchronous class sessions via Zoom. Connect with students! Use the kit to conduct virtual office hours.

Increase your mobility while teaching! You mobie join the same Zoom session from both your iPad and computer. This will allow you to move around the room while teaching and sharing appp from your iPad e. Also, on your computer, you can minimize the size of the shared screen in Zoom in order to view more of your students and monitor the chat.

Use the Camera app on the iPad to record a mini-lecture, demonstrate a specific concept or skill, or create a video announcement.

Post the video on BeachBoard for students to watch asynchronously once you have Wi-Fi access. For example, you might record narration of your slide deck, guide students in how to navigate a course-related website, use the Notes app as a digital whiteboard to explain a course concept or use the Apple Pencil to mark up a course-related photo or image as you explain it.

Post the screen recording on BeachBoard for asynchronous viewing once you have access to Wi-Fi. Use the Voice Memos /8505.txt to record a short audio lecture or to provide audio feedback on an assignment.


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Still, thinking about the functions that these 5 apps offer?


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ZOOM app allows students and lecturers to share the whiteboard, share the screen, add participants, mute participants in case of noise distortion, and upload. Using the mobile app · Scheduling a meeting – select ‘Schedule’, fill in the meeting details and select ‘Done’ · Starting a scheduled meeting –.