Microsoft office 2013 keeps asking to activate free download.Office repeatedly prompts you to activate on a new PC


Microsoft office 2013 keeps asking to activate free download.outlook 2013 keeps asking me to re-activate product key


Microsoft 365 for home.Office repeatedly prompts you to activate on a new PC

This can happen if you don’t uninstall the pre-installed version of Office on your new PC before installing a volume license version of Office. To stop the prompts for activation, make sure your Office uses volume licensing and then update the registry. Verify that your Office version uses volume licensing. Stop Office from Always Requesting Activation by Uninstalling & Reinstalling OFFICE. The last method to stop Office from constantly asking you to activate it, is to remove & reinstall Office by using the Office Uninstall Tool. 1. Close all Office programs. 2. Download and run the Office Uninstall tool (aka “Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SARA)”. 3. Get always up-to-date apps and services. With Microsoft , you can upgrade your Office download and get familiar apps with all the latest features.

Microsoft office 2013 keeps asking to activate free download.Office Product Re-Activation

Jul 22,  · Unfortunately, that did not seem to work. I was able to activate Office Home & Business in Word. Soon after, I opened Outlook and the window immediately came back. @ Aaron, I can get to step 3 in that how-to before I start having issues. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15 is the directory where Office is 3/5(10). Aug 02,  · Office Keep Asking For Activation Pro Tools 12 Free Download Full Version Outlook continually prompts for your password when you try to connect to Office Content provided by Microsoft Applies to: Outlook Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Office Outlook Exchange Online More. May 24,  · I installed Office Professional Plus on my work laptop without any issues. Yesterday, I had to do a chkdsk C: /F to resolve some disk errors that were detected by Windows 8 Pro. Now, whenever I open an Office application, I am being asked to activate Office

I always use my own Microsoft Account, and I am now the registered user for hundreds of installations of Office ! I have been confronted by partners, customers, and end users with variants of this question for months, and I always tell them the same thing… there is NO requirement to log onto a Microsoft Account when installing Microsoft Office Microsoft Office was designed to work with the cloud — Office is of course the answer, and gives you so much more than just the client software.

In fact, with Office Microsoft is moving to a subscription-based service, rather than an up-front purchase model.

Especially in the enterprise but also in smaller businesses and the home it is easier on the pocketbook to pay monthly than up front. Not all of you agree… Okay, that is fine; if you do not want to work with Office , and would rather buy the FPP and not integrate with any of the on-line services including licensing and activation! There is a better way of installing Microsoft Office that does not require you to type in a product key every time: create a.

It is only available with the Pro versions of Microsoft Office, and even at that only with media attached to a volume license.

However if you have that, your life will be much easier:. This will open the Microsoft Office Customization Tool. You will be prompted to select the product that you want to customize in this case Microsoft Office Professional Plus bit , or to open an existing customization file.

Click OK. While this tool gives you a lot of options that you can configure and I encourage you to explore! I will focus on two specific options. I like the fact that the OCT allows me to enter my organization name as well as the default installation path. In the appropriate box you can enter your key, which will be characters.

Speaking of end users, the same screen lets you change the Display level of the installation… so they can see it happening, or not. I like to set the level to None , but send a Completion notice so they will be advised when the installation is complete. The OCT does verify that your Product Key is valid, else it will not let you navigate from this screen. Once you have completed all of the customizations you like as I said, please do not feel restricted by these!

In the File menu click Save As…. Navigate to where you plan to save it and enter a file name, and press Save. You are almost ready! Now that you have created your. MSP file, all you have to do is place it in the updates directory of your installation media. If you are using an. ISO file then you can simply mount the file and copy it in. If you are deploying from a USB key or network share then you can simply copy the file.

Microsoft goes to great efforts with every new product release to make it easier on end users and IT Pros alike to deploy and use their technologies. While the cloud connection is great and some of us love being able to activate our applications by entering our Microsoft or Organizational Account!

You just may have to dig a little deeper, look a little harder… or ask someone like me! I am a renaissance man of the IT Industry Deployment, Virtualization, Cloud, anything about Windows client. I am also a father, a Black Belt, and a really nice guy. I am also a Certified Cigar Sommelier and cigar blogger, but I usually separate that out to my alternate site, www. View all posts by Mitch Garvis.

Just had another frustrating day with this activation process, as I have now probably done about 30 of these. Have you tried entering the product key and finished the install and activation?

Entering the key enables you to continue installing but after that it tells you to redeem online with the account in order to activate! Thankfully, I can use outlook after to verify the account via the email they generate ;. But as far as I and a few others on my thread have found, this is an absolute requirement. I just found this link about how activation is supposed to silently happen if you are connected to the internet.

I have never ever seen this across my client base. Doesnt work, after clicking the link and entering the product key you are then asked for an email account to associate your key with. This blog entry is correct, as mentioned in the article itself, when it relates to volume licensed Office , or TechNet or Action Pack or anything else where you can download a DVD image.

It have worked on this for a week, talked to several departments at Microsoft and my distributor, and have determined there is no simple workaround. These prices are about the same as they were for Office Jeffrey please re-read what I wrote.

Companies with 5 computers are a different story. I have to research options for a replacement for MS Office. Skout I hope you realize I no longer work for Microsoft in any way. If you think there is a better product that Microsoft Office then I encourage you to use it. I have not found one. I handle IT for a small church. We have volume lic for a number of products including Office Yesterday i had to do a online repair of Office to one desktop. Afterwards it asked for a key.

I input our vol MAK lic key and it says it is for vol lic and not for that version. Did the online repair change the version? Can I load the vol lic version on top and be OK?

Personal opinion : the cloud feature is useless anyway. The pros of the feature are not nearly enough to compensate for it. But who knows what the folks at MS might be doing to mess with us? The Key Card option was working for me up until last week. I was given an install key via email but required to sign in with a live ID to download the software.

I refused as I was buying for a client, a single person consultancy. I had to explain to my client that they had to sign up for a Microsoft ID before they could use the software which they were not impressed about. MS is doing exactly what Apple has done for years which is why I refused to ever buy into the Apple world. One Drive is broken, if you dont believe me, see what happens if you have been using Sharepoint from BPOS through to Office hosting and tick the option to move to Onedrive.

I cant use it at all now as I already had a free OneDrive account, the Sharepoint added a Onedrive business account with the same email address and broke. I can still use Sharepoint under Office Pro Plus with the Sharepoint Workspace but under it is completely bung.

If I go to the OneDrive website and sign in it says there is a personal and a corporate ID with the same details, which do I want? I have had to move to Google Drive to ensure my files sync properly between my devices.

What a joke, an expensive painful joke. Compare this latest Microsoft rubbish to a system like Sonos no affiliation, just a user. Not only does Sonos do what it advertises, it does it so painlessly and seamlessly that you dont mind paying a bit more. Obviously a good user experience is not a high priority at MS although I will admit the Windows phone works quite well, pity about the rest.

Hi Benny, I am sorry to hear you have been having such headaches. I am not familiar with Sonos, but the company that I am currently working for uses Google Drive and Dropbox, and is quite happy with those solutions.

If you want to do a write-up of your experience with Sonos, I will gladly publish it for you! Sir, Just found your blog.. I need to show this to people here. I will e-mail you off-line and we can discuss. Hi Hollis. Depending on how you did the repair that could have happened. I would recommend uninstalling and re-installing from your VL source. Thanks for reading! It was an online repair outlook did it automatically.

Can I uninstall office and reinstall without losing data? Can I install again on top without uninstalling? I have created one common administrative office account for this reason. However, since all the products are the same it is impossible to tell which one to install after entering the key. If you choose the wrong one from the list in your account they are all identical , you get an error trying to activate saying that key was already used elsewhere in other words, you did not select the one on the list that matches the key you entered.

No going back, no undo. You have to uninstall and try again. The fun part? The list is not static. The newest one is not, say, always on the bottom or on the top. No volume licensing, not all of us get to choose what is purchased.