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Can zoom be opened in browser – none:

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The Zoom Client is launched via Launch Application in Google Chrome. You may have selected “Do Nothing” while the “Remember my choice for. Popup opens; Nothing happens when clicking “Open Zoom Meetings”; The only thing I can see in the browser’s console: Launched external handler.


– Can zoom be opened in browser – none:


Sometimes need to use in between setting to get pages to display right and be readable. Can’t figure out how to do that. Was there previously a control that let you dial in any size you liked? I don’t remember that To see whether you still have that control, you can use the Customize feature and possibly drag it back to your toolbar. By default, the enlargement options are:. To add more steps, you can edit this list in Firefox’s about:config preferences editor.

Here’s how:. Click the button promising to be careful. Since it’s a little hard to read, you might want to copy it to a word processor or other program where you can zoom the text, edit it there, then copy back the revised version.

Note 1: After OK’ing this change, it will take effect in any new windows you open. Search Support Search. Of course, Internet Explorer users will not see shadows and rounded corners, but this will not be too problematic as this is just a visual improvement and not functional. You may have also noticed how nicely it zooms in the screenshots above. With a few lines we could remove the background image sprite from RadDock and then by using CSS3 we can add rounded corners and even shadows, which actually are not part of the original.

I love to use CSS3, so it was really fun to rework a little the control. The quirky bit in this case is that when border-collapse is set to collapse, the border-radius property will not work properly in IE9. So, it was necessary to set the border-collapse to separate and border-spacing to 0 to reduce the cell spacing. Originally, background images actually a sprite are used to visualize borders and now we have a real CSS border applied to the wrapping table element, so we have actually increased the real height with two pixels.

You can even download the simple page we used to generate the screenshots – just click here. As you can see, not all issues were resolved, e. Taking advantage of the latest technologies is always cool and we would do it, if we could.

Support for old browsers still has very high priority and we cannot simply abandon them. This is something we value as much as you do. You, the customers, are important to us, and we will be happy if you share with our community the different workarounds related to the browser zoom and background images that you have found. You can not only help a fellow developer, but also learn a few nice tricks.

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PSA: Yes you can join a Zoom meeting in the browser – TechCrunch – Question Info

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