Saree Trends We’ll Be Seeing Everywhere In 2021

Saree Trends

The saree trends and styles are always changing with different environments which we come into. The trend of sarees heavily depends upon the clothing that is worn by celebrities and big personalities. Saree market is always changing and the people are always adapting new measures to make this traditional apparel more stylish and trendy. Saree lovers are always looking for new methods so that they can transform their clothing and make it brand new according to the latest designs and styles of celebrities. Indian celebrities also take a large part in developing the market of sarees and introducing new styles and trends. Every now and then celebrities are seen wearing designer sarees from big fashion designers and people are quite quick in adapting those styles.

Alia Bhatt's Sleek Ruffle Look

Saree Trends
Saree Trends

The most recent style that we have adopted from a big Bollywood actress, Alia Bhatt is the ruffle pallu saree. The ruffle pallu saree saw a huge increase in its sales when the actress wore the saree with a sleek ponytail and a strapless blouse. Ruffle sarees are getting a huge appreciation from the market and many people are opting for them in the wedding season. 2021 will definitely see a huge spike in the number of people wearing ruffle sarees. We think that ruffle sarees are not going out of trend yet. Actresses will definitely again wear the saree and rock it with different styles.


Kareena Kapoor's Exotic Sequin Look

Another saree which saw a huge increase in sales was the tie-dye and sequin sheet sarees. Bridesmaids were quite quick to wear the saree in the cocktail and the Sangeet party. 2021 will definitely be more of a year with sequins sarees. Sequin sarees are yet to be discovered by many of the people. Kareena Kapoor was seen rocking a peach sequin saree with a blouse made with reflective material. Tie-dye sarees will also be the best saree trends for summers in 2021. We have seen many of the celebrities enjoying the tie-dye sarees in the hot summer heat. The colours of a tie-dye saree are popped out and separated which looks very cool.

Saree Trends

Priyanka Chopra's Subtle Silk Look

Silk sarees are seen everywhere this season  and we are sure that the next year will also mark    a truckload of celebrities wearing silk sarees  across different wedding events. We have seen Priyanka Chopra  enjoying a wedding event in India with silk saree of rose gold colour and minimum jewellery.

You can wear a silk saree with a minimal blouse. There are different types of materials that you can choose from in your silk saree including Kanchipuram, Banarasi and Bandhani. Your look in a silk saree will be more on a traditional side.

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Saree Trends

2021 will also witness an increase in sales of the ornaments which are worn with the sarees. People will be very quick to buy Kamarbandhs or belts. Nowadays, trendy Kamarbandhs are available around the country which you can pair with stylish sarees. The market is always changing and saree trends basically depend upon the celebrities. We are very excited to witness the new decade and the styles which the celebrities adapt!