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SCOT ERP- A detailed review of the Best POS Software for Restaurant

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Today, most of the restaurants are highly reliant on technologies to provide a comfortable environment for the customers. As well as to deal with their everyday business operations. The modern restaurant owners have realized the need of installing Point-of-Sale software to offer highly managed and organized services to their customers. That is why you can find the availability of various POS applications in the present market. However, we are now going to present you with a genuine review of SCOT ERP. A feature-rich POS system to manage your Restaurant.

Know more about SCOT ERP- The POS software

SCOT is a highly advanced, cloud-based POS application and billing software. You are also able to run the app offline. Whether you have a retail food shop, Restaurant, café, or bar, you may try out SCOT. The robust application presents you with a versatile platform. It is capable of working smoothly across any platform and on all devices. Thus, you may use your PC or Smartphone for automating your business operations and managing your Restaurant without much hassle.

Sero Software Features

SCOT Software Features

A team of reputed restaurant software developers and engineers has created an innovative solution- SCOT. There is no need to hire billing professionals for your food business. Manage your Restaurant and ensure error-free billing with the automated technologies of SCOT.

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Features of SCOT Software:

Cross-platform friendly

SCOT developers have designed separate POS apps for those who are using Android, iOS, and Windows devices. For all these apps, intended for various platforms, you can find both offline and online mode.

Automatic ordering

Every day, your Restaurant gets several orders from the customers. SCOT has a unique automatic system to send those orders to the vendors or warehouse. Your stock will always be full of items.

Built-in KOT screen

As a high standard POS system, SCOT has this useful feature to help you in clearing the orders after the delivery of foods to customers.

Manage your restaurant chain

You may have grown your business and set up more than one restaurant branch at different locations. SCOT dashboard removes the complications of your business operations. All the stores are manageable from one software platform.

Works with more than one printer

You may have installed different printers for your foods and drink counters. SCOT is capable of mapping out these printers to help KOT in generating the receipt printout accurately.

Manage your restaurant tables

SCOT presents you with a separate interface. Enabling you to deal with everyday table reservations of the customers.

Control over vendors and inventory

For those who are looking for vendor management applications, SCOT is the right choice. Get various metrics by viewing at the vendor accounts. Also, the software also creates comprehensible reports on your restaurant inventory. You may also be able to deal with the list of all your restaurant or food stores.

Manage the customers’ queries

The busy restaurant owners will get the utmost help from the unique Module of SCOT. Besides, they can send responses to their customers about the availability of the tables at your Restaurant.

Accept Reservations

Confirm the customers’ table reservations and modify them easily with the use of the POS app, SCOT. The app also helps you in sending the confirmation message to the customers.

Loyalty programs

The restaurant owners always apply various techniques for retaining their customer base. Loyalty Program is one of them, and this program is manageable from the Loyalty Module of SCOT.

Detailed analytical report

From any device, you can have a view at the reporting panel of the software. You may have created over 50 reports with the POS application. By analyzing the data of those reports, you would be able to make the right decision about your business. You can have the printouts of the GST input and output reports. There is no need to use a different accounting application for entering the information.

Manage billing and debit card

Now, it is easy to have control over your cash. Customers will be able to pay you through any payment mode. The normal billing process also becomes simplified.

Third-party software integrations

You can integrate Paytm and different other apps to make your business smoother. Customers’ payment details are also viewable to you.

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Pricing of SCOT Software:

Free version

SCOT developers have given you an opportunity to use a 14-day trial version of the software, SCOT. This is the best chance for novice users to check out the usability of the software for their restaurant or food businesses.

Premium packages

SCOT team knows that the budget of every restaurant business owner is different. That is why the company has offered three types of premium packages.

For the Lite version, you need to pay $49 per month. This package is best for the standalone outlet. You can use a cloud-based SCOT app with or without the Internet. The software interface includes a reporting dashboard for basic reports. Manage your inventory and integrate SMS with this POS system.

Pro version at $89/month offers all the Lite features, including customer management, recipe management, and vendor management. A restaurant, having multiple locations, can choose it.

Enterprise version, available at $129/month, is for high-budget restaurant owners. You can manage your kitchen, warehouse, and food cost. Other features include- automatic food ordering and promotional offers for customers.

Sero Software Pricing

SCOT Software Pricing

Why SCOT Software is best for Restaurant and other food businesses

As one of the POS applications, SCOT is much different from other similar systems. Several POS developers offer only one application for various industries. However, with SERO, you will get the industry-specific application. For grocery shops, restaurants, retail food outlets, and other businesses, the SCOT team offers a custom solution that meets your business needs.

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Verdict on SCOT Software

From analyzing the features of the software, we have found SCOT is better than other available POS applications. At any time, you may use SCOT software without any Internet connection. As there is a mobile-friendly SCOT app, you can run it on the go. Moreover, the pricing scheme for the premium version is also affordable. You have the option of choosing the package based on your budget. Above all, the new POS software users will have no problem. SCOT team offers 24-hour customer assistance to solve queries.


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