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Singapore-based startup Dathena raises $12M in Series A funding

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While we know that people who can work from home are working from home right now and that the hacking incidents have been taking place too frequently, it is important to note that data security is something we should all practice.

Even if we feel that our data is not valuable, it is essential to keep it secret because we would not want our names to be known by strangers who would use them for illegal activities. On the other hand, data security is of the utmost importance for companies to keep their projects and upcoming details about the contracts private and secure.

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This is the reason why we have so many companies around the world working on data security, and we have a new startup that has just raised quite an impressive amount of funding. The startup we are talking about is based out of Singapore, known as Dathena, and it is known to be working on providing AI-based data protection and privacy solutions and they just got their series A funding.

Also, Dathena claims that it already has 200,000 users and enterprise clients taking software help from them, meaning that it is already making revenue. This is also the reason why we see such startups getting huge funding rounds because they are already delivering on their promise.

Dathena funding news
Series A funding

As far as the funding for Dathena is concerned, we would like to inform you that they have raised a Series A round of $12 million just now, and these funds will be used by them to “expand Dathena’s co-sell partnership with Microsoft in the United States.”

Besides, Dathena claims that they are just a small player in the massive $120 billion data security business, and they are trying to provide security solutions that can be understood by both IT and non-IT professionals for compliance with data protection regulations around the world in any enterprise.

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