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WorkStream raised funding of $10 million for Hiring platform

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One thing we must remember is that even though we believe that people are starting to work from home more and more and that the pandemic situation is a boon for them, it is a fact that the majority of people can’t work from home. This is because they do their job outdoors which needs to be done in an open environment and in different locations from their home. Having said that, we still know that 20% of the people are able to work from home sitting on their desks which is great for them.

How he gets the idea of workstream

WorkStream raised funding

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Talking about the rest of the people though, it is reported that 80% of the people all over the world have a deskless job meaning that they don’t have the privilege of sitting in an office and working from home. This is the story of a startup named Workstream raised funding which aims to solve the problem of people having deskless jobs. Workstream’s founder says that living in Singapore, he saw his father wake up every morning, six days a week, at 5 a.m. to start his job as a driver. He says that working with this father from time-to-time, he realized that deskless job workers need to have a way to find jobs as easily as people with desk jobs.

WorkStream raised fundingFor this reason, he founded the startup called Deskstream which aims to eradicate this problem and the good news is that he has raised a funding of $10M for this startup as well. This makes the startup’s total funding to $12.5M since there was a round of funding previously as well. Workstream raised funding that tries to solve this problem by “hiring managers in industries that have large turnover, like hospitality, restaurant, supermarket, and delivery businesses”. Those managers can then post their requirements on the portal and deskless workers can find jobs and apply to them with ease.

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