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Xwing, an autonomous aviation startup, raises $10M for pilotless flights

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We have seen that the world is moving towards autonomy in the sense that everyone is talking about driverless cars as well as a transport system that can run on its own and take people from one place to another. This is also the reason why Tesla has become so popular because they have technology named “autopilot” where you can let the car run on its own.

But one thing where we have not talked about automation is the aviation sector, and it is entirely understood too. Since there needs to be a level of expertise required to fly planes, you don’t want machines to mess up things in the middle of a flight.

Xwing funding news

Xwing funding

However, that is not stopping a startup named Xwing from working in this area of autonomous aviation, and you will be glad to note that they have just raised a ton of money. Xwing is reported to have received funds of $10 million, and this was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. And we believe that the startup got lucky too because the aviation sector is badly hit right now, which would have stopped their funds.

One thing to note is that Xwing is different from other autonomous aviation startups that have emerged over the years. This is because Xwing is not developing autonomous helicopters and planes. Rather than that, Xwing is focusing on the software side of things, which is what the main thing is in an automated vehicle. As per the report, this “software stack will enable pilotless flight of small passenger aircraft.”


Also, the startup takes pride in being aircraft agnostic, meaning that they are not focusing on a particular type of aircraft, let’s say Boeing or Airbus or others. Instead, they are focusing on developing software that is “designed to work across different kinds of aircraft.

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