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Zoho- One Of The Intuitive CRM Tools

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Zoho is one of the award-winning cloud-based CRM solutions helping you to attract and retain customers of your business. You can easily customize Zoho CRM based on your business needs. In fact The proper use of this CRM software will increase your sales rates and make your marketing campaign more effective.

One of the major functionalities of Zoho is contact and lead management. From a user-friendly interface, you may use any of its features. Whatever be the size of your business, Zoho is best for automating business activities, engaging customers, and tracking sales. Moreover, you can use this CRM from your mobile to get real-time updates on your deals.

Look at the features and functionalities of Zoho-

We have now analyzed every feature of Zoho CRM.

Contact and lead management
Zoho dashboard

With Zoho, you will have real-time data about your regular customers. You may connect with those customers from different channels. Thus, it will help you in developing healthier relationships.

Moreover, Zoho enables you to identify and capture leads. Its automated feature includes lead scoring and follow-up.

Deal management

Save your time to close your deals. You may also check out the present status of your deals.

Process management

The sales department of your company has to know the exact condition of a sales pipeline. Zoho has made it easy for your sales professionals to identify the subsequent steps. Thus, the sales process will be apparent to everyone in your team. Besides, this CRM tool enables you to record offline sales procedures. Based on the real-life methods, you can create rules and validate sales-related data.

Omnichannel solutions

Zoho will help you with real-time conversations with potential and present customers. You will receive notifications while anyone has interacted with your company through your email and website.

You can manage email communication from the dashboard of Zoho. Besides, you may deliver emails to CRM contacts. Lastly, Zoho CRM also enables you to monitor the activities of your social media followers.

Analytical data and reports

With the growth of your business, you need to deal with a high amount of data. Hence, for each of the sales, you need to assess the performance level. Furthermore, you can create your dashboards to look at the trends. With performance indicators, you will learn whether you have achieved your targets. Real-time reports, derived with Zoho, are based on some metrics, including marketing campaigns, trends, team performance, and activity reports.

Pricing of Zoho CRM tool

Zoho comes with four different packages- Standard, Professional. Enterprise and Ultimate. Each of these packages has a free trial option for a limited period.

Why Zoho is the right CRM tool for you?

Overall, we can say that Zoho is one of the handy CRM tools helping you to know the position of your customers in your sales cycle. You will learn about the size of deals, competitors’ profiles, and contact history. Likewise, you will also get an opportunity of predicting your revenue accurately. With the minimal investments, you will have the best value from Zoho.

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