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Would currently available certified teams room equipment from logitech, crestron, etc. Thank you. We have tried it on 24th March and it still does not work for us. Stay tuned. Official updates on GA for this feature seem a bit hard to come by. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Google has also introduced a free version of Meet. Although a Google account is required, you no longer have to be a GSuite customer to use Google Meet.

However, the free version is limited to a maximum of 60 minutes per call. These are Webex Meetings and Webex Teams. Webex Teams does have a video conferencing option, but mainly focuses on collaboration functionality, similar to Microsoft Teams.

Webex Meetings is specifically designed for videoconferencing and online events. We will focus on that functionality in this review. The web app has the same functionality as the desktop version, except for two important features: the web version does not support end-to-end encryption, and no legacy Voice-over-IP VoiP. As for the rest, the two versions are virtually the same.

Using of Webex Meetings is pretty intuitive. The interface is similar to other services during a call, but before you start a call, you can see a clear dashboard. On the right side, you can see scheduled meetings, if any, and recently viewed files. When planning a meeting, standard functions such as time, date and duration of the meeting can be set, and the necessary persons can be invited.

Furthermore, agenda items can be added, as well as a password for the meeting. Also, as with other services, the desired audio devices can be selected, but these settings are a bit easier to find in Webex than in e.

Microsoft Teams. Administrators can record the meeting, both audio and video. Participants in the meeting can then download that recording with a link. Furthermore, participants can be muted. All participants can use a chat during the meeting, and hosts can share their desktop, a specific app, or files from their computer, including video files, with the other people in the call. It is also possible to use a virtual whiteboard for sharing notes.

Cisco released a major update to WebEx in December, improving noise reduction and enabling automatic transcription. Cisco is also working on real-time translation. Webex is available in a free version, a Starter version for There is no free version, and the app only focuses on video conferencing, with no features that other collaboration apps often have. The BlueJeans app can be used in-browser or simply installed as a desktop app. The desktop app is the only one that really has all the features; however, there is an app available for iOS and Android.

The interface of BlueJeans is very clear. The kick-off functions such as planning, joining and starting a meeting can also be seen directly on the start screen. During a call, important buttons such as recording a meeting or sharing your screen are located at the top of the screen. There are several views from which users can choose. There is also the option to show only the current speaker, as well as an option to show every participant the same size.

Up to 25 video feeds can be displayed simultaneously during a call. It is also noteworthy that directional audio from Dolby can be used if audio hardware from Dolby is available in a meeting room.

This means that the audio comes from a certain direction in your headset, so you can hear who is speaking in the conference room. This is of limited added value in the current corona crisis, but it can be a handy feature when everything eventually goes back to normal. It is also noticeable that there are many options for when something goes wrong in a call; there is even an entire Command Center, where statistics about a call can be found, where you can see what went wrong and with whom.

This makes requesting help from IT specialists less frustrating, as they know where to look for problems. Let’s Integrate. Try It Now. Webex Meetings. Learn More Webex Meetings. Why Automate. Rated 4. Trusted Worldwide. Automate Work. When considering which app format — desktop or web — to use, the ITS Communications and Collaboration team recommends using the desktop app for the best in-meeting functionality, and using the web app to access more advanced features like delegating scheduling or setting up a webinar.

However, users should employ the format with which they are most comfortable and which best meets their video conferencing needs. Once Webex is launched, users have the ability to schedule a standard meeting or host a meeting with their Personal Room. The meeting can be joined by anybody with the link and will start once the host joins.

If the meeting needs to start without the organizer, an additional setting can be enabled. Once the meeting has finished, the URL link becomes invalid and cannot be used again.



– Connect to zoom meeting via webex – none:

so that they can natively join meetings on Cisco Webex and Zoom. and a Webex meeting (tough the Webex doesn’t seem to connect). We’ll take you through a detailed comparison between Zoom and Webex Webex by CISCO is another great way to hold meetings and conduct conferences online.


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The interface is similar to other services during a call, but before you start a call, you can see a clear dashboard. With a Personal Room, each user possesses a permanent and unique meeting link assigned by Webex.