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Your Account:. During the Event Follow the meeting agenda. If using registration for a public event, it is not recommended to u se auto approve as it will automatically send the meeting info to the recipient. Begin gathering all necessary presentation materials, including PowerPoint or other presentations, websites, videos, etc. This is both a practical and security consideration, since we want to make sure our desired audience has easy access, but access is restricted as much as possible to the desired audience to prevent unwanted interference. See Appendix B: Sharing Recordings.


Zoom webinar q&a saved

Jan 23,  · How to generate webinar reports. Sign into the Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click Reports. If you are an account owner or admin, or have access to the Usage Report role, you will need to select Account Click Webinar. Select the Report Type you would like to search for. Note. Jan 21,  · If not, you can click Edit next to your webinar in the portal to disable the Q&A entirely for those 3 webinars. If the webinar is in progress, the only thing the panelists can do is change the Q&A settings inside the webinar. If this helped you, please mark it as a solution so it may help others. AM. Apr 07,  · What Do Zoom Panelists See? The panelists are fully eligible for webinars. The webinars host can take action against panels for having access to the video and screen sharing, etc. However, you must request permission to use webinars, in which case the host can also disable some features for panelists, like getting started in video.